I never carry a light meter or tripod, I usually shoot with an old Yashica D 6x6 TLR, w/ a standard 80mm lense - Occasionally, when I feel energetic, or am going someplace I don't get to very often, I'll take a Pentax 6x7 (I have owned two of them since the early 80's) w/ a 55mm lense.

These days, I always also carry a Canon Powershot SX100 IS - I guess it's OK - I am just not very impressed w/ anything digital - the image quality, compared even w/ the Yashica!... is crap.

I did 4x5 view camera work (shooting architecture) for ten years so "been there, done that" is my attitude towards alot of what is considered 'strict/technically perfect/shoot everything from a tripod'.. photography -
I would much rather be able to walk 'the extra mile', than carry alotta extra crap - "being there" is still the first rule of photography.

Standard film used to be Agfa 100, developed in Rodinal, 1:50. Now it is Ilford FP4, developed the same way.
There's always a yellow filter on the lense, or taped inside the camera (the Yashica allows this).
Darkroom equipment consists of a Beseler 45MX II bought in 1981/82, with lenses for all formats,...4 16x20" and 4 11x14" plastic trays,...and not much else - except a few tongs. Keep it simple, stay focused on images, not on techniques or other gooble-de-gook crapola.

You'll be glad you did.