Refund Information


Although the venues and promoters have a no refund/no exchange policy, AGGS will attempt to accommodate our customers on a case-by-case basis. For purchases made by telephone, mail or Internet, please do the following: If your tickets were held at "WILL CALL" and you never picked them up, you will receive an automatic credit. (For canceled shows only!)

1. Make a copy of your tickets front and back and keep the copy for your records.

2. Return the original tickets to the address specified below via certified mail. (We will not refund tickets that are lost in the return process if they are not sent certified mail.)

3. Please include your name, telephone number and a letter of explanation.

4. Tickets must be received by AGGS on or before the event date or a refund will not be issued.

5. You will be notified by phone when the refund has been issued. All correspondence should be addressed to:

AGGS Attn: Refunds
POB 213
Pleasanton, CA 94566




AGGS -- PO BOX 213 PLEASANTON, CA 94566 (415) 332-2447